It all started when…

The story goes that a couple of years ago a friend of mine celebrated her 40th birthday. To mark the event I wanted to give her something that would reflect her passion for dogs and searched in all the shops in the area. None sold gifts for the owners to enjoy, there only seemed to be merch for the pets.

Knowing that she spent most of her time on Hampstead Heath in all weather, I thought of making a scarf she could wear to keep her warm but that also featured her dogs. I knew that she’d wear it, but would really treasure it if it was beautifully made.

So I procrastinated for a couple of years and finally, squeezing in a
quick shoot, I took my first photos of this lovely cat. Then I found a UK manufacturer and when my first scarf arrived on the doorstep in
Jan 2019, Debra Rapp Design was born.

Over the next few months, I hope to race ahead and print up a number of scarves using my images all of them on a soft and silky wool and silk mix.

If you like any of them, please do not hesitate get in touch and order some or do give me constructive feedback. My ears are open.

Wishing you happy shopping,

Debbie Rapp